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From: Richard Kilpatrick (
Date: Fri Jul 29 2005 - 16:15:45 PDT

On 29 Jul 2005, at 20:10, Jon Glass wrote:

> Is that sort of thing even legal? I mean, I once bought a subwoofer
> at=20=
> Walmart some years ago. I was expecting to pay something like $100,
> but=20=
> it rang up for about $40. I told the clerk, like a dummy, and after
> she=20=
> consulted with the manager, he told her that she needed to ring it
> up=20
> that way, and that the error was theirs, and they had to honor it.
> I=20
> don't know if it was just a Walmart policy or what, but having a=20
> shipper recall something after it shipped is _really_ out there,
> IMO...

Certainly under UK rules, if they've taken payment, then the goods
are yours and they can't recall them. There have been a few cases of
errors like that over the past couple of years, some resulting in
court cases where firms were forced to honor the online pricing.

E&OE notwithstanding; the moment they've taken payment from your
card, they've accepted your offer and the goods are yours.

I personally would be checking up on US distance selling regulations
and demanding my HD.


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