[NTLK] Some Bad News... (Plus Some Good News)

From: Macs R Us Computers (sales_at_macsruscomputers.com)
Date: Fri Jul 29 2005 - 16:39:29 PDT

Hello All,
As if you could not have guessed I have some bad news,
Macs R Us Computers is going out of business. There
were some big financial losses in this quarter, so
because of that and PayPal, I have decided this was
the best thing to do.

Now for the good news (well at least for you guys), I
have decided, to sell off all of the stuff we have (as
listed on my main page - www.macsruscomputers.com -
), and some of that stuff is marked down more then 95
percent... And this being the case many wholesalers
have been buying most of the stuff off us... However
there is still tons of Newton stuff left. I am still
seeking more wholesale buyers, so please contact me if
you are interested... I really need to move all of
the things within a month otherwise I have to pay for
storage... Please contact me OFF -LIST
(mjozaitis_at_macsruscomputers.com) if you have any
interest in any Newton Items, Mac Items, PC Items,
Office Items, Cars, Etc...

Also, if anyone has interest in buying Macs R Us
Computers, Inc. please contact me, as I am willing to
sell all/some products to someone willing to take
over, as within 3 months I will need to re-registar
the info... There are Class A and B Stock Certs, as
well as Common and Preferred Shares being offered.
Also the domain and old site (please e-mail to see the
old site in img or html files) are also being
offered... Please e-mail (offlist
mjozaitis_at_macsruscomputers.com) if you have interest
in this.

Again, please let me know if ANY Interest in anything
even if not listed.

Thanks Again!
Mark Jozaitis


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