Re: [NTLK] Reflecting on the first few weeks USING my Newt 2000

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 14:02:17 PDT

2005/7/30, Marcus Hammerschmitt <>:
> >And its size? 'Hi Jon I see you've brought the brick into work today' is=
 a regular comment!=20
In the office I upgraded my PEECEE with a second graphics card and
have now twice 1600x1200 Pixels on two 19" screens. The more screen
space, respectively pixels the more work one gets done. Of course this
is true for screen workers only which spend daily several hours for
digital work.

> >And that will leave a gulf in the middle, where a tablet based keyboardl=
ess computer will evolve that will only be successful if its interface is e=
legant and intuitive. If it's a success it will look and feel VERY MUCH lik=
e the Newton!
I've got a Fujitsu Siemens Tablet PC LT-P600 with a 800x600 touch
screen and W2k installed. Integrated into the W2k is a HWR software
which is intended to be used instead of the kbd (on-screen or external
IrDA or USB/PS2, depending whether you have a docking station or not).
Beside that this HWR does recon only printed letters and no special
characters and is sort of forced to its dictionary too it can not
reliably be activated. It is very obvious: W2k is not intended to be
used with pen input and HWR. The mouse replacement with pen is sort of
aceptable but it suffers from the occasional need of windows to have
the pointer moving and not clicking at the same time. Windows is not
made to accept a pointing device w/o button(s). Maybe the HWR/HUI
combination with the active pen and with WXP Tablet Edition addresses
this issue better but how good it maybe - the Newton UI is by classes
better, faster and more accurate.

But I like the LT-P600 Tablet too. For me it is like a portable USB
harddisk with display, plenty of storage (40GB at the moment) and
comes with a PCMCIA and a CF slot. One USB port but unfortunately no
built-in ethernet. I bought it instead of a picture tank thing for my
digital camera which was equally expensive.

But to get work done I use the MP2k1. Taking notes, master calendar
and master address book is still the best applications, especially
improved by MoreInfo.


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