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Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 00:55:57 PDT

In fact NCU can back up 32MB flash cards without problem.
This is what I tested and practiced.
There are a few little things to keep in mind:
1) you definitely want a fast connection to do the backup
        Ethernet is the fastest so far. Depending on how reliable your wireless
connection is
        you can go for the wireless or the wired solution.
2) make sure that all the extensions you need for the Ethernet connection
reside in the Newts INTERNAL memory
3) make sure that you do a full backup and that your backup directory on the
Mac is empty.
        Otherwise NCU tries to do a differential backup and there very often
problems do appear.

What I really do not know is how the partions are handled by NCU ...

Another possibility would be of course to insert both cards into the Newt
and move the packages that are moveable. For the rest you can use a tool
(IIRC it was called packagebuddy or packagemover)to unlock the packages and
then they should be moveable as well.


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> I finally found an OS 9 external hard drive and so I am going to try
> NCU to move everything off my current ATA card onto a new 20 MB
> linear card I found. I have 4 partitions on the 32 MB card and I'd
> like to consolidate everything onto the 20 MB card.
> I just read the Read Me that comes with NCU and it says this:

> NCU supports storage cards of 4MB or less.

> Is this true?

> I read the Wiki on doing this shuffling of packages from one card to
> another using NCU. I have a serial cable, a wireless card, and a
> wired Ethernet card. What is the most robust means of backing up
> with NCU and then restoring that to a new card?

> Thanks,
> Tom Isenbarger

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