[NTLK] Double Question Posting (eBooks and Newton Codes/Programing)

From: Macs R Us Computers (sales_at_macsruscomputers.com)
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 00:58:56 PDT

Hello All!
I wanted to save you all the bother of having two
postings... So, what I was wondering how do you
convert, upload, and save a RTF from an older Mac in
to the 'eBook/NewtonBook' type document?

Also, what sort of code (C/C++/Java/BASIC/Etc) is the
core code type use on the Newton's? Also how does on
go about transforming a code just written to be able
to run on the Newton (in Basic or the like), what
application do you need in order to do such a thing?
Also, is there a good book that would help with such a
project? Or better yet, any one of you what to help
me out (I can pay in Newton items or cash), as I would
like to begin working on a small program for the
Newton, and I need some help with that.

Any advice would be GREAT!

Thanks So Much!
Mark Jozaitis

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