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From: Macs R Us Computers (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 01:29:25 PDT

It is in the style of a Settop Box (the older Apple
Ones), however it looks to different, and with a
greatly different architecture to be even prototype of
that, there are just some stickers saying it is
Apple's and other useless info, it has boards with no
numbers, and then a logic board (the Primus LC series)
now it has 3 main boards, one Video/One Logic Board,
and one with a unknown use... This is in a light grey
basic thin metal box. It has either a camera or
infrared port, and many other things... Now it has
like IIsi Power Supply (and apparently its dead), and
it was (I think) put to gather in 1993 and later
discarded from Apple in 1995... I can confirm this is
NOT a Set Top Box, or the like, it is totally unique,
and quite cool for a collector (and I am not one
really), so, thats really I know, I might be able to
get a pic soon, bit right now all I have is QuickTake
150 and 200 so pics many no do any good... I will get
back my Sony (New) within a few days and will post a

Hope this helps.

Thanks So Much!
Mark Jozaitis

--- Richard Clark <> wrote:

> what kind of device is it ?
> Richard
> On 02/giu/05, at 09:05, Macs R Us Computers wrote:
> > 1 - Ultra Rare Unreleased Apple Prototype Device
> (very
> > nifty)
> >

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