[NTLK] "Think you know the Apple Newton's History? Think again"

From: Steve Weyer (saweyer_at_comcast.net)
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 03:38:01 PDT

recent Slashdot posting, with link to mirror of OS Opinion article

"We've all heard of Apple's Newton, the portable handheld device under
John Sculley's rule at Apple that debuted to big media attention and
much fanfare but never managed to take a strong footing in the
marketplace. The same handhel that went on to be 'Steve'd' when Mr. RDF
killed the project after taking control of Apple. That's the extent of
knowledge most of us have with regard to Apple's first handheld device.
OS Opinion sheds light on the early days of the pocket Apple." From the
article: "Apple in the late eighties had become stagnant. The Macintosh
had become Apple's cash cow like the Apple II that had preceded it. To
protect the Mac, Apple was hesitant to start or pursue any project that
might compromise the company's revenues. Several people in the
corporation were weary of this approach, and began to look at the
future of computing. One of those people was Steve Sakoman."



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