Re: [NTLK] Free/Cheap: Older Macintosh Computers and Parts

From: Macs R Us Computers (
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 09:33:51 PDT

Hello Richard,

> I don't suppose that you have a 5-drive cage (or
> even 2 drive) from an
> Apple Workgroup Server 95 or Quadra 900/950, do you?

I have 2 Quadra 950's with CD's Drives, Maybe you
would like the whole unit? I also have 2 WGS

> Or the PDS card
> from the AWS95 - Pisces, provides SCSI and L2 cache.
> I need those and a
> CD-ROM bezel from a Q950 to complete my Workgroup
> Server...

> Also, what sort of Lisa items do you have?

Yep, tons of Lisa parts, Drives, Books, Software,
Accessories, and a whole lot more.

Please shoot me an e-mail with a fair price, and let
me know if you could pick it up or if needs to be

Please let me know.

Thanks So Much!
Mark Jozaitis

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