Re: [NTLK] Free/Cheap: Older Macintosh Computers and Parts

From: Richard Kilpatrick (
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 16:05:44 PDT

On 4 Jun 2005, at 17:33, Macs R Us Computers wrote:

> Hello Richard,
>> I don't suppose that you have a 5-drive cage (or
>> even 2 drive) from an
>> Apple Workgroup Server 95 or Quadra 900/950, do you?
> I have 2 Quadra 950's with CD's Drives, Maybe you
> would like the whole unit? I also have 2 WGS
> 9150/120's

Hi Mark,

If I was in the US, I would, but I'm in the UK - I have to be as
efficient as possible! I can provide a flat bezel for you to make a
cosmetically Q950 if you sacrifice a CD bezel, and the drive cage for
the rear of the drive bay would help enormously too as I have a loose
drive in there right now! I'm also looking for 16Mb 30 pin SIMMs, but
the chances of them having those is highly unlikely.

Don't chuck out the LC575s, by the way - pull the logic boards from
them and people will happily buy them to upgrade Color Classic

For the Lisa stuff - I know a collector who might like things, I will
forward your details on to him. He has a museum:

Best Wishes,

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