[NTLK] Take my Dell Axim X30H or sell me a Newton please

From: M_at_ Miller (palmsolo) (M_at_)
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 12:19:18 PDT

Hello NewtonTalk list members,

I owned a couple of Newtons over the years and sold them to move onto
and try other PDAs. I was a member of the NewtonTalk list a couple
years ago and look forward to getting on the list again. I am preparing
to give a talk at a user group conference in Tacoma, WA and want to get
another Newton in my hands to demo to the audience. I am also
restocking my PDA collection and desire to add a Newton again.

My first option is to offer a trade to someone for a MP2000 upgraded
unit or MP2100. I have a MINT condition Dell Axim X30 High (this is the
model with integrated Bluetooth and WiFi and a 624 MHz processor), Piel
Frama black leather crocodile case (cost over $100), 2000 mAh Mugen
Power extended battery and standard 1100 mAh battery, retractable USB
sync/charge cable, and USB cradle. I can send photos if your are
interested. A screen protector has been on it since day 1 and the unit
is in LIKE NEW condition.

My next option would be to purchase a reasonably priced unit so if you
have one for sale please feel free to contact me with the details at
palmsolo_at_geek.com. I am sorry I just missed out on that great $135 deal
last night or I would have been all over it.

  I am a daily writer for Geek.com and also conduct reviews for the
site. I also have a blog site (www.palmsolo.com) and plan on discussing
my Newton experiences there along with this great community that is
still thriving even after the devices have been discontinued. Thank you
for your time and consideration of my requests.


 Matt Miller (aka palmsolo)
  www.palmsolo.com (blog)

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