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Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 10:43:54 PDT

Not sure if I'd posted this before... Well, better late than never!


Subject: Re: [NTLK] a french card for my GPS Newton
Date: 2005-05-25 10:39:41

>> Hello, I'm french user and i would to use the GPS with my Newton.

Which model?

> 1) no, it is no stupid idea

Johannes is right! With GPS Map 2.1 (now freeware, from UNNA or
GPS%20Map%202.1%20(Full%20Version,%20NOS%202.x)) ) you can set routes
of up to 100 waypoints, record your travel, measure speed, log position
and height... Set your own NavPoints... Use your own maps...

What the Newton can't do: You can't ask the Newton "take me from Rue P.
Guyot in Podunkville to Schnitzelstrasser in Podunkburg", or "where is
le next gas station" and get a useful result. The Newton's available
GPS solutions DO offer navigation, but DON'T offer routing.

> 2) a Europe Map is provided with GPSMap which is now freeware for us
> you can find both at Unna

I haven't been able to find it at UNNA. Maybe it collects dust in the
submission queue ?
But it is available from
Maps/EUROMAPS . (Thanks to the kind contributor! ;=} ) Install only the
packages you need, this map (6 parts) adds up to about 30 MB!

I am also looking for any manuals that are not already up at .
E.g. the manual for GPS Map 2.1 is only a *supplement* to the manual
for the NOS 1.x full version, which seems not to be on UNNA or any
other location. So if you can supply me with any manual that the
library doesn't already have, I'd be much obliged.

> 3) Route 66 is nice but NOT compatible

...and you can use it as basis for creating your own GPS Map map

Also if you have a GPS-aware version of Route 66, you can use this for
tracking, too, if your GPS device connects to your computer (e.g. AQ-300
with C3001 USB cable). If your computer is an iBook or Powerbook,
Route 66
will be nice, I think.

So: It is not necessary to have this, but it might help with creating
and have other potential uses for you.

Route 66 doesn't offer topographic maps, I think, which is what I'd
love to
have. I don't care much about streets and highways when I'm out with my
folding boat... So I will have to find a good source of European
maps in nice resolution (at least 1:50000), preferably for free.
maps would also be okay. ;=}

>> - Or I could create my french map???
> 4) you can create your own maps for GPSMap

...either from scanned paper maps (e.g. topographic maps 1:25000), maps
from routing software or websites such as (nice
feature: Click on the map and get that position's coordinates...).
        Some people say it's not so easy, but there are one or two manuals on
how to do this (see and
GPS%20Map%20Lite%201.2.9%20(NOS%201.x)/GML_Man.pdf ) .

GPS Map is very nice with several maps of different resolution... When
move from one map to another one, the application changes the maps
why the Europe map can be installed in several parts). If you move into
area covered by two maps, ka-ploing, the map with the higher resolution
be shown (e.g. you drive from Podunkville to visit me in Podunkburg,
and you
see the European map and the highways you are travelling on. But as
soon as
you enter Podunkburg, of which you have prepared + installed a detailed
map, GPS Map will display *this* now map and track your progress on

> 5) I do not know the AQ-Max, but the main issues are:
> - power supply (if external, no problem, but less convenient)

With MP 2x00 and Adriano's NewtNav, no problem.
With MP1x0, you'd need to have a Y-adapter (PS/2(m) one end, USB(M) and
MiniDIN 9(M) on the other ends) and use Ron's LakeTahoeHikingNewton
(see Wiki). Adriano can build you this Y-adapter, it will not be
ask him.

> - data interface (RS-232 would be best fitting to the Newt, but you
> need an
> adapter SUB DB-9 to Mini-DIN 8)

Of course you could always send the GPS mouse to Adriano and ask him to
change the plug on the mouse's cable... But then you'd lose the
manufacturer's connection options, which you can buy off-the-rack. --
buying GPS receivers always think of what other hardware you have that
could possibly want to connect to, and on what platform you will be
able to
configure the receiver. In my case, I use the AQ-300 as delivered, and
NewtNav to connect to Newton, and C3001 USB cable with Prolific PL-2303
to connect to my Powerbook.

Note that I bought AQ-300 simply because it was cheap and available.
But I'd
much prefer better service than the manufacturer gave me (just look at
download page of their website ...if this ever
no specs, faqs, manual, firmware updates on the website, either... no
for the Mac to configure the receiver...), perhaps you get better
from Polstar or Holux (at higher prices, though...). -- I'm happy with
product (good SiRF II chipset), don't get me wrong, and the USB cable
nice (with fresh drivers from Prolific, not the blab the manufacturer
me...), but things *could* have been easier for me...

> DJ Vollkasko is providing a Wiki page on the topic.
> Have a look there for more info.

It's actually metastasized to more than one during Johannes' holiday...
then there are Ron's pages... Corrections from Adriano and others...
and any
addtions and new discoveries from all Newtonians welcome -- esp.

Start here . lists all the
and versions of GPS Map that I was able to hunt up and an attempt at a
for GPS Map (which will be trimmed down, as the more config-related
will end up here

Here's stuff
on all
sorts of GPS hardware that is compatible, and this is about my receiver (I think you have
this page already ;=} ).

This is the NewtNav-FAQ, I'll put up a
there some time soon (this week or next), too.

The Wiki is not very detailed in some topics, so if you find anything
you can contribute, just click "edit" and enter it! (Don't forget to
though... ;=} ). Especially for the GPS pages it could use much help,
experienced people checking for mistakes, to Newbies who write
documentations of their experiments. These will be nice manuals for the
person to try the same...



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> Hello, I'm french user and i would to use the GPS with my Newton.
> - First question: I think that is not stupid idea? No?
> - And my big problem is : Where can I find a french or Europe map to
> download in the Flash Card on my eMate?
> - Route 66 is a compatible map software?
> - Or I could create my french map???
> - I think that the AQ-Max AQ-300-U-PS2 (GPS mouse) is the best
> adaptator. It's true???

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