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Probably should mark this thread as [OT] ...

NCU/NTK should work with Basalisk or VirtualPC I guess.

The big thing no one has mentioned is that if IBM pull-finger with the
PowerPC Apple can always stick with the PowerPC arch or run them in
tandem - G5's or Power5 family chips in the servers and Intel in the
consumer machines.

I guess what people need to realise is that Intel doesn't need to
equal generic PC. I remember SGI's (failed) line of intel PC's which
had the special SGI Irix style BIOS - I couldn't for the life of me
upgrade their NT4 workstations (even had working USB in NT4) to 2000
due to the propriatary BIOS (I'm guessing there is a workaround now).
So Apple/Intel could easily create something 'special' that couldn't
easily be ripped-off and was several steps removed from the run of the
mill intel-clone box.


The big thing, and the big question is: Does this mean OS11 (or whatever)
will be compatible with the standard PC and will we be able to install and
run it on standard X86 hardware? It would hope this is the case and if so we
have the first real M$ contender - and a heavyweight at that. I agree with
those earlier posters who pointed out that it's about the OS, not the
chipset. Have Apple finally decided to try and grab a bigger share of the
desktop OS market? I hope so!
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