Re: [NTLK] BitGrabber

From: Alex Lećo (
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 18:54:31 PDT

> It's a good occasion to learn NewtonScript and how to use NTK.
> The magic lines are the following:

Hi Paul,

Nice to hear from you. You make this look simple! I=B4m just started the =
reading of "An online version of Programming for the Newton using =20
Macintosh, 2nd ed" some days ago and for sure I will try your code! =20
Well, I dont have ANY know-how on programing, just play with HTMLs and =20=

CSSs but I=B4m motivated and think that this would be a nice first =20

Thank you again!


Ps.: But and the BitGrabber, is really a "ghostware"? Nevermind. :^)

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