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Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 05:52:24 PDT

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From: Michael J. Hu=DFmann
Clan Iverson ( wrote:

> I would like to personally console
> all mac users on this forum for the "death" of the mac
> as we knew it.

Thanks, but there's no need for consolation; the Mac is very much alive
and this won't change with the switch to Intel CPUs.

- Michael

        One of the great things of the Mac was how it was indeed different. =
The operating system was nice, the equipment was nice. Without the =
equipment, you might as well run a Linux box. Macintosh was the only =
thing out there that was unique in software AND equipment.

        Anyway, I'll bet there will be another G-whatever computer in the =
future. Or at least something that "thinks different". I guess I say =
this since it has been in Apple's history to try something mainstream, =
nearly slip into obscurity, and then do something "different" to pick =
things back up again. Again for me, I will ride this out in the =
. =20
Greg / Doc Clu
@><-- >------------------------

(This message is actually 1/5th of the original message I originally =
wrote. I am not a supporter of intel and I like things that "think =
different" The other 4/5ths were rants about this and that, but figured =
those two paragraphs said it best.)

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