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From: Sonya Hipper (
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 13:39:48 PDT

One thing this makes me hope is that some of our more enterprising =20
developers would be able to take Paul's DCL dev tools to design a =20
proper NCU replacement (i.e. Escale on steroids) in time for Leopard =20
(OS X 10.5), since Classic and all dependent upon it are going the =20
way of the dodo (albeit with a nice bit of warning, at least!)...

I wish I could do more than offer my services as a beta tester, tho. :-(

As long as I'm making development wish-lists...anyone wanna make a =20
Newton Sync tool for OS X that takes advantage of Tiger SyncServices? =20=

Again, tho, I could only test at best.

Reserving judgment until we know then what only Steve and Intel CEO =20
Paul Otellini know,

PS: Interesting links from Ars Technica re: the Apple/Intel =20
announcement..Ars, as always, NOT hyperbole-laden and insightful...
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