Re: [NTLK] Boot loop

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 13:52:34 PDT

okto asked:

> to the rest of the list, what causes a boot loop and
> how can it be fixed?

Victor answered:

> Most commonly, I believe, is an incorrectly seated or
> missing ROM board.

The most common reason for a boot loop is having connected
a wrong power adapter to a Newton 2000 or 2100. I've also
heard of cases where a very sudden failure of the battery
caused such a defect.

Unfortunately, in my experience an incorrectly seated
ROM board is never the reason for this behavior. A missing
ROM board, by the way, would result in the Newton's appearing
as dead as a doornail, no boot loop is possible in such a

As for fixing this, I'm afraid the cause hasn't been found
yet. Myself, I've been trying to find it (in vain so far)
for years. David Watson aka Dr. Newton says on his site
that he offers repairs of this very defect, but unfortunately
he seems to have dropped off the surface of this planet.
If anybody out there can get in touch with him, why not ask
if he'd disclose this info. I would (within reason) pay for


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