Re: [NTLK] What to do about fixing a Newton 2100

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Jun 12 2005 - 07:08:20 PDT

Macs R Us Computers wrote:
> Hello All,
> My personal Newton 2100 has died mysteriously (will
> not power from an AC or Battery) and just wondering
> what the possible culprit for this might be, I have
> about 8 other Logic Boards, and some other odd parts,
> but I would hate to start taking it apart if I it
> something mild...
> Plus, I *Need* to get my Data off there are 200+
> address' and phone numbers I need, plus some games I
> paid for. Even if it is dead and non-fixable I need
> the Data.
> And advice?

I agree with Gary to remove the battery and unplug the Newt for 5 hours
(although I might let it sit for a day). However I would suggest
leaving the battery out and just try powering it with the adapter by
plugging it in and hitting the reset button. If that don't work hold
down the power switch and hit reset (as though you were going to do a
brain wipe) and hit "no" when asked to erase all data. This should
bring it back to life. This sometimes is called "deep sleep" and it
usually requires using a adapter without the battery to get it going
again (after you bleed the supercap anyway). You may even try it with
just the adapter and no battery first then hitting the reset. This
might do it. I know it has with mine and I didn't need to bleed off the
supercap a few times.


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