Re: [NTLK] What to do about fixing a Newton 2100

From: Dan (
Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 08:10:40 PDT

> Battery Tray with rechargeable Batteries, but I don't
> think it makes much of a difference. I found out form
> a friend of mine they were messing with it, and the
> battery died, and the Plugged in the Older OMP AC to
> it, and had left it like that over the weekend, could
> that be the problem, if so its not Dead, right?

Nope no difference if you use a battery tray or the Newton rechargeable
battery. As for the OMP AC, do you mean the adapter that came with the
1x0 units or the actual OMP? I have not seen a OMP adapter so I can'
say. But I suspect it is *probably* the same thing as the 1x0 adapters,
which will run a 2x00 just fine. Now *if* a OMP adapter is indeed
different (and that is actually what was used), then perhaps it is dead.
  As I said I don't know, but I am sure that others on this list will
chime in.


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