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Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 14:59:15 PDT

Il giorno 13/giu/05, alle 21:34, Tracy Haynes ha scritto:

Hey friends-

Can anyone help me connect my 2100 to my Powerbook using NewtSync?
   I've got the program on my PB Titanium, and I've got an Ethernet card
dongle for my Newton 2100. I'm just not sure where to go from there (
   Any instruction would be much appreciated.

Hi Tracy,

for first notice that all the infos provided below are probably already
present on NTLK archives,
although so, as i have been in luck on configuring things succefully
without wasting so much time on searching,
i am happy to share these infos in the hope to make things easier to

The first thing to know is that for having the MessagePad connected to
your desktop computer via ethernet,
they both will need to stay connected through a ethernet hub.

Below are some useful infos about having TCP/IP correctly configured

on a Mac (OS 10.3):
  - open the Sharing preferences panel
  - click the Firewall tab
  - (on the firewall settings window) click the "New" button on your
  - a configuration panel will appear: on the 'Port name' tab choose
  - put any name (i.e. NewtSync) then as port number insert 15552 (which
is the default port number used by NewtSync)
  - click 'OK' (firewall configured)
  - open the Network preferences panel and select your ethernet port
  - (on the ethernet settings windows) select the AppleTalk tab and make
it active
  - select the TCP/IP tab: when connected to any type of network on DHCP
mode, on this window your Mac will show the local IP, Subnet mask and
Router addresses
  - take note of your Mac 'local IP' address
  - open NewtSync, click the "Syncronize" button

on your Newton (OS 2.1):
[first you will need to have a internet setup and a worksite already
configured for DHCP connection,
as these will be used by nSync and any other service (i.e.: Dock,
SimpleMail, NetHopper, etc etc etc)]
  - put your ethernet card in your MessagePad
  - open Preferences and set Appletalk to "Ethertalk", then select your
card from the list (system preferences configured)
  - open Internet Setup, select new "generic setup"
  - on the 'connect using' list select "Ethernet"
  - give any name to the setup (i.e. "Eth0"), then on the
'Configuration' list select "DHCP Server" and on the 'Card' list select
the same one set for the AppleTalk
  - tap 'Continue' to progress on the next page of the setup, then on
the 'Domain name' raw notice that is not needed to write anything.
  - tap 'Done' (Internet Setup configured)
  - open the Owner Info and on the main window tap the 'New' button,
then select "Worksite"
  - on the new window that will appear put any name on the 'Worksite'
raw, then select a city, area code and a printer (although you will
never use it) from the dialogs, then close the window
  - select your new worksite from the main window, tap the 'Show'
button, then select "All info"
  - tap the 'Add' button and select "Internet Access", so select your
Internet Setup from the list: "Eth0" (Internet Setup configured)
  - open nSync
  - on the 'connect via' tab choose 'TCP/IP'
  - on the 'IP address' raw put you desktop computer 'local IP' address
  - tap "connect"
  - a connection dialog will appear: on the "Using" list select "Eth0",
and on the "Card" list choose the same one set on AppleTalk
  - tap "connect" again and look at your MessagePad estabilishing a link
[just remember to click the NewtSync "Syncronize" button on the desktop
first, only then you could tap "Connect" on your MessagePad's nSync

That's all

Hope this helps,


A direct ethernet connection is possible on a Mac with a Gigabit
ethernet port installed, as these ports have a special chip which will
manage the connection
(i.e.: a crossover cable is not needed when connecting two Macs with
Gigabit ethernet installed). Although i managed a direct ethernet
connection between a MP2100 and a TiBook 550Mhz succefully, on my
experience the resulting connection has been not so stable as when
using a ethernet hub instead (i.e.: if the connection drops and need to
start to sync again, a reset of the ethernet port is needed first).

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