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From: Gregory Klingsporn (
Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 14:50:54 PDT


I am not the original poster, but could also use some help connecting
my Powerbook (running Tiger) to my Newton 2100 with Newtsync.

> The first thing you want to do is visit the FAQ and make sure you
> have all the required networking packages installed on your Newt.
> Also make sure you can get the Newton on the Internet. Then...

I have installed the Newtsync package, and TCP/IP. I can connect to
the Internet with the Newton.

I can also connect to my Powerbook's web server at the local
192.168... address using Newtsync, and I can connect to the Newton
using Escale (keyboard and package install, etc.)

> 3. Start nSync on your Newt, choose TCP/IP for the connection,

Done this.=20

>, put in the IP address of your
> PowerBook, but don't hit Connect yet on the Newt.

OK here, I've put in the same local 192.168... IP address for my
powerbook which works with Newtscape, etc.

> 4. On your PowerBook, make sure (a) the OS X firewall is setup to
> allow port 15552,

OS X firewall is turned off

>and (b) that your router is configured to route
> port 15552 to the PowerBook.

I have an old SMC Barricade router running current firmware. It has a
section called "Virtual Server" which lets you open up ports for
specific local machines. In this section, I have enabled 15552 on my
Powerbook's 192.168... address as a TCP port.

There is another config page called "Special Applications" in which I
have enabled port 15552 as a open TCP port.
> 5. Start up NewtSync on the PowerBook, choose TCP/IP (unless you're
> connecting via serial, if so, choose your adapter from the pull-
> down), and take a look at the preferences and make whatever
> adjustments you'd like.

Newtsync starts the barber-pole at the top of its window and says
"Opening TCP/IP Connection"

> 6. Hit Connect on the Newt. They should start talking.

I tap connect, the TCP/IP starts up, then I immediately get an error
"NewtSync: Couldn't connect to the specified address."

Then Newtsync hangs (though the Barberpole still spins) and I have to
Force Quit to get out of it.

> Good luck. If it doesn't work, try
> to be very specific about what steps you took and what happened.
> You'll get better response/help that way.

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.=20



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