Re: [NTLK] Concerning Apple's Switch to Intel Chips...

From: Bruce Guthrie (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 09:58:27 PDT

Well okay but the recent break in caused me to go to a new model, thank full
I rent my pc's in case of something dumb. so I was covered, but my new one
also wanted a usb printer well since I do alot of photo work np good indea
in fact so I also bought my printer since I won't pay the high cost of
renting that. But in truth the hp pavilion I got won't connect due to the 64
bit cpu in it, other then that is has bluetooth, 802.11g, 10/100/1000 nic,
modem, and 4 usb 2 ports Of course this is all useless which is why I got to
find me an older pc so I can hook up to it with my newts and my palm3c. But
yeah the new one does alot even can plug my cam emeory into it to dl the
pics I do. oops forgot firewire as well so now a ipod is in the mix soon. Of
course I don't use the kb or such I have my good old ergo kb and my
trackball explorer. Lastly it als has a wide screen display so I really
don't see much I would want to do till M$ finally comes out with true 64bit
os. All in all I do like my peecee notebook but I still want an older pc or
better yet a dang apple so I can hook my pda's to it. And I don't want to
hear high cost for a pb I am also on a swap list of Dan knights so. But I am
going to be buying more of the 130's so all of them can go off at the same
time and I have lights. Yeah I know but I like my 130's should never had
gotten rid of the frist one I had with the proper leather case for it. dang
nab it. Oh and sorry to say any time you don't think you got a dos machine
with anything after win 98 your a bit wrong it is still running the dos
start up. even with the 64bit xp I got. Which is why I still and will always
like my older macs. Of course I also can do so much more with the macs then
I can with my beefed up wintel machine then I care to say. Oh and for some
of you I have been in computers since they had them card readers,, then to a
mini and to know whereI fix other peoples messed up pc's. Started in the
middle 70'sa, my half brother has been in it since the early 60's . And to
think my dad said I would use the electronics ever,, sorry dad you were


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