Re: [NTLK] Concerning Apple's Switch to Intel Chips...

From: Ola Tuvesson (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 06:44:34 PDT

Alex Santos:
> PPC G5 increased speed by 45% over a year on the high end while
> intel went up 25%. All these are avg's, hmm PPC rules in that
> arena.

I have been using my Thinkpad 600E (PII 366, 288MB RAM, 30GB HDD) for six
years now, still works perfectly, still does all I need it to and runs Win2k
just as well as my Athlon XP 2500+ with 1Gb of RAM - I've even run it as a
dev server with IIS5, SQL2k and VS.NET.

Apart from 3D games, 3D modelling and video editing (none of which I do much
of) CPU speed has long been a non-issue for me. In my opinion what makes a
good computer has more to do with ergonomics, build quality and OS
capabilities. Oh, and good looks don't hurt either...

Bruce Guthrie:
> your right intel in fact has the market so sewn up so he can push
> his shit to all of us, even with all the bugs. Turst me I hope
> that applr will still use the non windows way of getting on , you
> know the boot that is still dos even this late down the game and
> such. I will not ever use any thing intel ever. haven;t for
> better then 8 years, if not apple then AMD.

M$ got rid of the DOS boot when they launched Win2k (NT was also non-DOS).

Toby Hutton:
> When Apple say they won't stop Windows from running on their Macs
> it doesn't mean they'll go out of their way to let it run. And
> there's no reason why Windows can't support EFI. It probably
> already does, I don't know.

Alex Santos:
> I read that too. Perhaps PC BIOS is included. Yahoo. boy when
> Longhorn comes out it will run or atleast MS will be delayed due
> to making a runaround the new built in BIOS on macs.

Norman Palardy:
> Power took away Apple's high end customers which was painful for Apple.
> But this time the OS is not licensed, and Apple vends it so it should
> not hurt quite so bad if someone figures out how to run it on a Dell
> (although Apple would like to have that sale too)

While I guess I won't be running OSX on my PII366 laptop it sure would be
great if there was a real alternative to Windows. I've tried the Linux route
but found it hard work and lacking in applications (the Gimp is good but no
replacement for Photoshop). As for Apple's desire to "have that sale too",
they certainly don't today - Last time I checked they had about 5% of the PC
hardware market...


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