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From: Apostolos Koutropoulos (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 17:58:05 PDT

I echo this sentiment.

In my time I have owned 3 Macs, none of which have ever failed.
My original Performa 635CD never suffered from hardware failure
My Blue and White G3 the same
My Powerbook G4 the same

At the same time at work I maintain Dell Machines, in half the time that I
have owned macs we have:
1. Experienced HD failures
2. Experienced motherboard failures
3. Experienced VGA and/or display ribbon failures
4. Experienced unreliable hardware all around

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On 6/15/05 8:36 PM, "Bruce Guthrie" <> wrote:

> I would only use a dell for target practice. The one time I bought one for
> my better half it was a problem, tech help was non exist so I got rid of it
> a couple years later. stripped of the drive, snd card, as well as the cideo.
> but all in all I have found that a good wintel box is still gonna be
> hp/compaq. Sorry guys but when you spend 2g on a one time setup for your
> wife and it truns into nothing more then a boat anchor well.
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>> If Apple sells OS X to any PC owner, then why buy an Apple MacTel?
>> Just buy a cheapo Dell box, add $129 for OS X, and it will still be
>> cheaper than a MacTel, unless Apple cuts hardware design costs and uses
>> cheaper components. They are already made in China, so I doubt labor
>> can be cut much more.

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