Re: [NTLK] My new toy!

From: Mac User (
Date: Sat Jun 18 2005 - 20:31:06 PDT

> You are right, they have not sold them for a LONG time now.

Yea, too bad, don't you think?

> As for repairing the screen, not really. Your best bet would be to
> purchase some Nusheilds ( These screen
> protectors go

Thanks, if the scratches make it too difficult to use, I may consider
this. But up to now, it is not too bad.

> First off, don't use batteries without the soldering tabs. The reason
> is batteries do not like heat. And you will have to apply a lot of
> heat
> directly to the battery if you don't have soldering tabs. This
> could
> cause them to burst or at the least reduce their life.

In fact, I should have asked my question differently. Is it possible
to use standard batteries without having to sold them? I mean, just
having the batteries stick together without soldering them. Maybe not...

> The battery holder has been done. But to have it recharge Nimh
> batteries, you need to put a thermistor in the design. Without
> this the
> Newt assumes you have AA batteries installed and wont charge them.
> The

OK, thanks!

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