[NTLK] Battery pack a goner?

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt (Marcus.Hammerschmitt_at_t-online.de)
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 01:25:47 PDT

Hello all,

yesterday I tried to insert my previously fully loaded
battery pack which I regularly use as a replacement
when my rechargables need a recharge (taking up to
two hours, because they are 2500 mAH). To my surprise
some whitish flakey stuff showed at the bottom end of
the battery pack which looked very much like battery acid.
It seemed to have escaped through a small hole in the
casing which was a minor transport damage from an
opportunity where it had to be mailed. That small hole
(very likely the result of incompetent mail handling) wasn't
a fracture, didn't constitute structural damage and looked
inconsequential at the time. Discussed it with Frank Gruendel
who had seen it too and thought it was likely of no relevance
either (while wondering how it might have got where it was).
So, now comes the white stuff out of this very hole, and
I condlude four things:

1) One of the cells inside has gone bad and is spilling the beans.

2) That hole might not have been that inconsequential after all

3) I shouldn't try and insert this battery pack into my Newt.

4) My battery pack is a goner.

Correct? If so, what does a battery pack in good working order
cost at the moment?



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