[NTLK] download blues

From: Joslin, Mike (M.Joslin_at_leedsmet.ac.uk)
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 04:11:25 PDT

Hi everyone
I have made contact to a 2100 using Escale from my PB running Tiger, and at
last the connection seems stable but when I try to download a pkg to the
2100 I get either an installing package bar that stays open but not moving
for ages or if I try to install from the 2100 it says the pkg is damaged.
(I can see the PB desktop ok from the newt)
there appears to be ample space on the 2100
What stupid thing am I missing ?
Again would appreciate any help for a newbie
Oh and if anyone knows if there is a simple 3D package available for the
newt and any advice on a good drawing package as well ( thats if I can
install them of course )
thanks for you help

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