[NTLK] synchronize Address Book/Names: TCP/IP, IC/VC, direct Ethernet connection

From: Giulio Marchi (emfdb_at_tiscali.it)
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 15:30:31 PDT

Maybe somebody can find my contacts synchronization scheme useful. All=20=

my searches on the subject did not throw the light I would have so much=20=

appreciated and that would have spared me quite several tests.

The Problem
To transfer/synchronyze Address Book and Names between a PowerBook G4=20
(i.e. no serial, no IrDA) and a Newton MP2100 through TCP/IP on a=20
direct Ethernet connection. Entries have multiple e-mails, multiple=20
telephones, multiple addresses.

A possible solution
(it is more straightforward than what it looks like)
After numerous tests with other synchronization/transfer applications=20
(none of which was successful or acceptable, at least for me), this is=20=

the method I follow now with IC/VC by Eckart K=F6ppen to transfer=20
contacts *from* the PowerBook *to* the Newton. I still have to test the=20=

opposite stream but so far I am happy with this solution.=20
Unsurprisingly: (N) is Newton and (PB) is PowerBook.
-(N) Let's consider the Newton already prepared for Ethernet, loaded=20
also with DockTCP/IP from Paul Guyot and connected to the PowerBook=20
through an Ethernet connection.
-(PB) For ease of use I created a "Local TCP/IP" Location that I use=20
for any direct Ethernet connection between PB and N: in this Location I=20=

just assign an IP to the PB. Maybe you don't need to but I do.
-(N) Again for ease of use, I created a "Local TCP/IP" Internet Setup=20
where I set the Ethernet card and a local IP address, of course=20
different than the PB one; this "Local TCP/IP" Internet Setup is used=20
in my "Local TCP/IP" worksite.
-(PB) In Address Book I prepare a single vcf ("contacts.vcf") with all=20=

my contacts: Select All-Export vCard.
-(PB) I set the PB web sharing to active (System=20
Preferences/Sharing/Personal Web Sharing)
-(PB) I paste the "contacts.vcf" in /Library/WebServer/Documents/.
-(PB) I activate the "Local TCP/IP" Location.
-(N) In/Out-Receive-FetchURL to "http://[IP of PB]/contacts.vcf", using=20=

the "Local TCP/IP" Internet Setup from the "Local TCP/IP" worksite,=20
i.e. connecting to the IP of the PB.
-(N) The vcf is transferred to In/Out, then I select the entry and=20
-(N) All the contacts are transferred to Names (duplications are=20
managed according to the preferences set), maintaining the multiple=20
telephones and multiple emails of each contact. As far as I know and=20
tested, this is *not* possible with any other synchronization/transfer=20=

system (it was not possible with me... Italian OS X and English=20
speaking Newton?).
- A small drawback: organizations in Address Book become "Untitled=20
Person" under Names and their name is the first entry of the card but I=20=

can either not to use "organizations" contacts in Address Book or=20
duplicate their name in the "Surname" field (I am going with this=20
option and I see organizations as "persons" under Names).
- Another small drawback (at least for me): entry notes in Address Book=20=

are not transferred. I did not investigate this issue any further.

The suggestions
Are welcome!

The stuff
PowerBook 17", 1.33 GHz, 512 MB, OS X 10.3.9, Address Book 3.1.2
Newton 2100 with OS 2.1 (717260-1)
Ethernet 3Com Megahertz 3CCE589ET
The "Ethernet cable that was coming with the PowerBook G3 Series 233MHz=20=

in '98"
contacts.vcf is 156kB with 179 entries

Many, many details and other tests are still to be studied, I know, but=20=

I hope this may help for the meanwhile.
Many, many thanks to Eckart K=F6ppen and Paul Guyot for IC/VC and=20
DockTCP/IP respectively!

Greetings and salutations from Italy,


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