Re: [NTLK] Battery power woes

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 17:09:28 PDT

> It seems that there is a poor connection=20
> somewhere in the battery circuitry on the board,
> as randomly my Newt will die and immediately revive
> itself, claiming that "the battery was dead."=20
> The battery, however, is never dead, since it revives itself=20
> without being plugged into AC power. It also happens regardless of=20
> whether I am using the pack or the AA sled.

The most unlikely cause is bad battery pack contacts. Since you
say this happens both with the rechargeable pack and the battery
sled, I doubt you'll find this to be the reason, but it won't
hurt to check the batts anyway.

The most likely cause is that the positive battery contact on the
mainboard is bent towards the mainboard. This does occasionally
happen. It is the contact that connects to
the pack's rectangular contact. If you remove the board, just bend
it outwards (towards the battery compartment) a bit.

It can also be that there is a problem with the spring that
normally presses the mainboard's negative contact against the
battery pack. Normally you can't bend the negative contact because
the spring won't allow it, but if the spring is broken or missing,
things like this can happen.

Of course it might also be that the contacts are dirty in the
Newton, but that hardly ever happens in my experience. In 9 out
of 10 cases the positive contact is the culprit.

For info on how the contacts should look like, have a look at
my disassembly page:

> T2, the wee little Transformer (marked 06A-4002 DEL9727B) has an=20
> *extremely* loose and wobbly plastic cover

This is normal. They are all built that way.

> Anyway, I can move the cover up about 1/8 of an inch
> (or ~30mm for you metric types).

Just for the record (and for you non-metric types): 1/8 inch
is about 3mm, not 30.


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