Re: [NTLK] Battery power woes

From: Matthew Reidsma (
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 17:31:51 PDT

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 20:09, Frank Gruendel wrote:

> > Anyway, I can move the cover up about 1/8 of an inch
> > (or ~30mm for you metric types).
> Just for the record (and for you non-metric types): 1/8 inch
> is about 3mm, not 30.

Oops! Thanks online conversion tool. (The Newton was out of commission,
so I couldn't use it...) Thanks for the tips.

It was indeed the positive terminal. Bent it back and everything is
kosher. Except now I have no sound, and no amount of tinkering
(reseating the speaker, etc.) has brought it back. Which is unfortunate,
since one of the most useful aspects of the Newt is as an alarm clock
when I travel. Perhaps I need to invest in some spare parts machines one
of these days...

-Matthew Reidsma
Boston, MA U.S.A.

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