[NTLK] Newby Software and Wifi questions.

From: Michael Beale (mjbeale50_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 02:05:15 PDT

Dear Colleagues

With the purchase of both Newtons I received CD's of software. Much of it
appears to require registration but given many years have elapsed since the
software was produced I do not know whether there is still any support for
the software.

One piece of software which seems very useful is Dashboard which I tried for
a while. Is it still possible to register it paying the US 40.00? Is
there a list of what software is able to run without being registered.
The compilations of software provided were extensive and it will take some
time to make sense of the opportunities they provide.

I have been trying to get the wifi card going, but I think my expectations
are too high. Can the wifi card be used to connect to a network with
multiple airport base stations and an airport express base station? I
tried connecting the Newtonby ethernet cable into a wired network connected
by wifi to another wired network and I could not get the Newton to recognise
a Powermac 7300 which was attempting to connect to it using NCU1. Over
the wired network however the 7300 was recognised. Does anyone have
experience of trying to connect by wifi into a complex network of airport

Thats enough for this email.



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