[NTLK] Repost: Storage cards / DSL

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt (Marcus.Hammerschmitt_at_t-online.de)
Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 02:25:20 PDT

Hi all,

last time no answer, second try.

1) Having nor established Ethernet-connectivity between
my WinXP-machine and my MP 2100 I want to listen
to audiobooks on my Newton. And I ask myself: what
ATA-storage-card might offer the best stability, greatest speed
and value for money under Paul's ATA-drivers? I know the
compatibility list


but does anybody here have special experiences with those
nifty 1 GB IBM microdrives for instance?

2) Now this is probably way over the top, but I asked myself:
might my MP 2100 somehow be ready for DSL internet
services? Is there something like a PPPoE-driver for Newton OS 2.1?




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