Re: [NTLK] Before The Newton Community Fades

From: Mr. David M. Ensteness (
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 09:09:11 PDT

I'll jump in and say that I've seen posts from all of them not too
long back, Victor just several days ago (probably not that far back
but as my life continues to speed up I end up missing many myself).

And there are plenty of us lurkers and random time posters like
myself here that no one recognizes the names of, but I assure ya ...
I subscribed in 2001 sometime and I'm not planning on leaving. Going
to be buying a new(er) Mac and one of the first things I am doing to
it is adding a serial card for NewTen support.

Woody is also around supplying ever helpful eMate and bookmaking
advice as well as other topics. NewtonTalk continues much as it has,
equal portions of rant, rave, OT, cries for help, hints and tips, and
just general Newton banter.

Its still the place we all know and love.


On Jun 29, 2005, at 11:01 AM, Laurent Daudelin wrote:

> Grant,
> I took a little break and recently came back to see what was going on.
> Besides you and a few others, what other regulars do you know to still
> subscribe (and sometimes post) to the list? For example, I haven't
> read
> anything from Robert Benschop or Paul Guyot or Victor Rehorst since I
> started monitoring NewtonTalk again a couple of weeks ago.
> Just wondering who is still onboard...
> -Laurent.

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