Re: [NTLK] Before The Newton Community Fades

From: Matthew Reidsma (
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 09:10:30 PDT

On Wednesday, June 29, 2005, at 12:02PM, Laurent Daudelin <> wrote:

>On 29/06/05 11:54, "Grant Hutchinson" <> wrote:
>> On Jun 28, 2005, at 2:34 PM, Tyler Regas wrote:
>>> Before The Newton Community Fades
>> Um, and who here thinks it's actually fading?

>I took a little break and recently came back to see what was going on.
>Besides you and a few others, what other regulars do you know to still
>subscribe (and sometimes post) to the list? For example, I haven't read
>anything from Robert Benschop or Paul Guyot or Victor Rehorst since I
>started monitoring NewtonTalk again a couple of weeks ago.


many of the regulars (after 4 years on the Newt I am starting to consider myself a regular) are still around, but they only come out when something new gets on the list. Other than the great new game by Simon Bell released the other day and the recent Paul Guyot IM tinkering, it has been a few weeks since anything huge dropped. I know that I generally don't follow threads with titles like "Wifi questions" or "What's your favorite package" anymore. I've just read the same thread too many times, and the newer listers seem to be more enthusiastic about taking them up.

On to good news, which is that last night, after some very patient work on my MP2100, I once again have a fully functioning Newton. My PC card slots eject again, I have sound, and most importantly, the batteries work again. Thanks to all of those old-timers that didn't pass over my request for help!


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