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Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 13:54:29 PDT

Dear all,

below find -- maybe with one or two omissions which may have slipped
-- the list of additions to the Temporary Newton Library
http://www.stillnewt.org/library for the first two quarters of 2005
since it was established). What can I say -- it's a great collection of
stuff, from the informative to the entertaining, from the weird and
to the live-saving, from vintage to hot-off-the-press. All strictly
domain or Creative Commons- or otherwise licensed. Pure gold, brilliant
for reading.

I'm very glad about the good reception this offering gets among my
bookish Newtonians, and even more, I'm glad about every addition that is
submitted to the library (submission guideline here
http://www.stillnewt.org/library/Submission%20Guideline.txt). Thanks,
and thanks especially to Marty in Seattle for hosting us!

So, while you listen to the waves of this-community-is-fading-away
breaking in your mailbox, grab a drink, install a book, and have a good
time, courtesy of Project Gutenberg and Creative Commons and the shine
of our green backlights!

D. Vollkasko

The Temporary Newton Library

New Additions by Date -- for details, see About.txt in the titles'
respective directories.

June 26th 2005
New in
        Parkin, Lance - The Dying Days (1997) -- New Adventures of the
eighth Doctor Who (thanks, BBC! Thanks, Dan!)

June 22nd 2005
New in
         Doctorow, Cory -- Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town
(CC-licensed novel, 2005). Cory mirrors this at
http://craphound.com/someone/download.php -- thanks!

June 11th
New in http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_Nonfiction/_Politics :
        United Nations - 10 Stories the World Should Know More About (2005)
"Pretty good read, discusses various challenges folks face in developing
nations" -- thanks, Matt-the-K!

May 24th 2005
New in
        US Army Field Manual - FM 3-25.26 Map Reading and Land Navigation
Complete manual on how to read maps and navigate on land using a
variety of
tools including a compass, GPS, or other field expedient (survival)
(Much thanks, Ron!)

May 21st 2005
New in http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_nonfiction/_Politics
        US National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project - Mapping the Global
Future (2005)
        Global think tank study that looks at possible scenarios for global
problems in the coming decades. (Thanks, Matt K.!)

May 18th 2005
New in
        Howe, Matt - 1st Aid (2005)
New First Aid handbook by NTLK's Matt Howe for Newton's Classic,
2k Portrait and eMate Landscape formats. Stay healthy! (Thanks, Matt

May 10th 2005
New in
ules%20(1828-1905) :
        Verne, Jules: The Giant Raft -- 800 Leagues on the Amazon, 1881
(thanks, Matt K.!)
New in
%20Edgar%20Rice%20(1875-1950)/Mars-Stories :
        Vol. 6, 9, 10, 11 of Burroughs's Mars-Stories around John Carter,
Warlord of Mars! With Vols. 1-5 (available from http://www.unna.org and
Library, of course, too), this legendary SciFi cycle is now for the
time completely available for the Newton! (Thanks, 'Kasko!)

April 19th
New in http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_Software/_GPS%20Software
        Teletype 2.0.9 Full Version
        GPS Map 2.1 Full Version
        BRANDNEW PUBLIC RELEASE: GPS Map Tools 1.0. Print-fax-mail-beam GPS
data; NOS 1.x ONLY, see for details
ap%20Tools%201.0%20(NOS%201.x%20only)/About.txt (thanks, Gerd!)

April 12th 2005
New in
        Kadrey, Richard -- Blind Shrike (2005) Classic, Universal, 2k P & L
(Thanks, Dan!)
New in
        Household Haz-Mat Materials (Only available in MP 2x00 format)MP
2x00 format)
        Greenpeace Environmentally-Friendly Tips for Home and Garden
(Classic and MP 2x00 formats)
        Environmental Timeline (Only available in MP 2x00 format)
          Kyoto Protocol (Only available in MP 2x00 format)

April 10th 2005
New in http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_Software/_Audio/
        MIDIX 0.4 by Yoshio Hirose -- Notes enhancement, plays MIDI files
        NR404 by Francis Preve and Steve Cronin (NOS 2.0) -- drum machine
        ScratchPad 2.0 by Matt Spolin (NOS 1.x, 2.x) -- fun noisemaker.

April 7th 2005
New in
        Albert M. Muniz, Jr. and Hope Jensen Schau -- Religiosity in the
Abandoned Apple Newton Brand Community (JOURNAL OF CONSUMER RESEARCH,
31 - March 2005)
New in http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_nonfiction/_Religion:
        Bible Reading Calendar
        Fra Lawrence -- The Practice of the Presence of God
        Edersheim, Alfred -- The Temple, Its Ministry and Services (ca.
1885, about the Temple of Jerusalem in Judaism and Christianity)


The Original DJ Vollkasko's(TM) Newton eBook Edition

This is the set of eBooks the Temporary Newton Library started with:

Adorno, Theodor W. - On Popular Music (1941)

Balzac, Honore de, and Amphiteatrof, Alexander - Folk-Tales of Napoleon

Blackbird, Andrew J - History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of

Burroughs, Edgar Rice (1875-1950)
        John Carter on Mars-Series
        7 - A fighting Man of Mars (1930)
        8 - Swords of Mars (1934).zip

Carlsson, Chris -- After The Deluge (2004)

Cohen , R. - Knights of Malta 1523-1798

Cooper, Michael D. - Starman 2 - The Runaway Asteroid (2004)

Currey, E. Hamilton - Sea-Wolves of the Mediterranean

Darrow, Clarence - Crime, Its Cause and Treatment (1922)

Debord, Guy-Ernest - Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography
English/German (Situationiste International)

Doctorow, Cory -- 4 Short Stories 2002-04

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
          Adventures of Etienne (1903) (Napoleonic Tales of Etienne Gerard)
        Exploits of Brigadier Gerard (...more Napoleonic Tales of Etienne
        The Great Shadow and Other Napoleonic Tales

          The Final Problem (S. Holmes feat. Moriarty)
          The Valley of Fear (S. Holmes, Moriarty mentioned)
        When the World Screamed (1929) (feat. Prof.Challenger)

Dunsany, Lord
          51 Tales (1915)
          Book of Wonders
        The Emperor's Crystal

Gratacap, L.P. - The Certainty of a Future Life in Mars (1903)

Grisewood, R. Norman -- Zarlah the Martian (1909)

Haggard, Henry Rider (1856-1925)
        Allen Quatermain-Stories
                A Tale of Three Lions
                        1. Marie
                        2. Child of Storm
                        3. Finished
        The Brethren

Howard, Robert E. (1906-1936)
        Rogues in the House (Conan the Cimmerian goes Newton!)
        Shadows in Zamboula (1935, Conan again)
        The Devil in Iron (1934, Conan yet again)
        The Tower of Elephant (...and still more Conan!)

Howell, Greg -- The Human Memoirs (1996)

Knigge, Adolph Freiherr von - ?ber den Umgang mit Menschen (1788)

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips (1889-1937)
        Herbert West, Reanimator (1921-1922)
        Pickman's Model (1926)
        The Call of Cthulhu (1926)
        The Cats of Ulthar (1920)
        The Temple (1920)
        The Picture in the House (1919)

Mackey, Albert G. - The Principles of Masonic Law (1856)

Morris, William - Sigurd the Volsung

Munro, John -- A Trip to Venus (1897)

Rockwood, Roy
        Great Marvel Series
                4 - THROUGH SPACE TO MARS, Or the Longest Journey on Record
                5 - Lost on the Moon

Rosenbaum, Benjamin - Embracing-the-New (2004)

Serviss, Garrett P. - A Columbus of Space

Tietjens, Eunice - Profiles from China (1917)

Urides, Eros -- Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants, a psychic revelation

Vague, Tom - Boy Scout's Guide to the Situationist International: The
The S.I. Had On Paris '68 And All That, Through The Angry Brigade And
Mob To The Sex Pistols

Wallace, Alfred Russel - Is Mars habitable? (1907)

Whibley, Charles - A Book of Scoundrels (Highway men and other
criminals of
classic Britain)

Whistler, Charles
        1_Havelok the Dane (1899) - A Legend of Old Grimsby and Lincoln
        2_A Prince of Cornwall (1904) - A Story of Glastonbury and the West
in the Days of Ina of Wessex
        3_A King's Comrade (1904) - A Story of Old Hereford
        4_Wulfric the Weapon Thane - A Story of the Danish Conquest of East
        5_A Thane of Wessex - Being a Story of the Great Viking Raids into
        6_King Alfred's Viking - A Story of the First English Fleet

Wilde, Oscar - The Picture of Dorian Gray

Yarrow, H.C. - Mortuary Customs of the North American Indians

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