[NTLK] Audio/Midi on the Newton?

From: DJ Vollkasko (DJ_Vollkasko_at_gmx.net)
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 12:53:53 PDT

Subject: [NTLK] Audio/Midi on the Newton?
From: Jon Scordia <jscordia () mac ! com>
Date: 2005-06-30 17:46:59

>Hi list. I read with interest in the list archives a certain amount of
>for a sequencer type app for the Newton.
>This would be way up my list of priorities. I nearly bought a Roland
>instead of the MP2000 (oh the shame).
>Whereas I'm not expecting that level of performance from a Newton,
something basic \
>would be great. I even have an 8 track sequencer, 'Midiwriter Pro' on
my P910 phone, \
>but the phone's interface is awful. http://www.midiwriter.com.
>Is anyone out there still thinking about this? I'm not a programmer,
but would be \
>happy to help!

Hardwarewise you'd want to talk to Adriano Angelillis. He has some very
interesting ideas and would be happy for help.

I think Daniel Padilla also once expressed interest in this area, but
probably never found the time to tackle code. Still, he could give you
some pointers, I reckon.

And then there's the occasional mention by folks who think that this
would be neat to have (me included) but who are clumsy wid dem codes.

Maybe you'd want to start with a smaller objective to explore
NewtonScript and MIDI. How about a MIDI-karaoke player for .kar-files?
That's fun and cool stuff (make the Newton the ultimate party app!),
and a whole order less complex. For inspiration check
http://www.vanbasco.com , best .kar player I've seen.


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