[NTLK] Newtons allowed in Retrochallenge 2005!!

From: DJ Vollkasko (DJ_Vollkasko_at_gmx.net)
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 12:57:06 PDT

Subject: [NTLK] Newtons allowed in Retrochallenge 2005!!
From: "Goodwin, Greg P." <GoodwinG () aafes ! com>
Date: 2005-06-28 20:21:59

> The retrochallenge is now more based on processor
> (around the 1993-1994 era) instead of by a particular date
> which means since the Pre March 1993 date is out, NEWTONS
> ARE IN! (That was the part I hated most about the contest...
> no Newtons.)


> I talked him into the ARM610, which would mean Newton 100-130.
> StrongArm (Newton 2x00) would beat the pants off the 80486 and
> 68040 so no way on those...
> ARM710 (E-mate) not likely but not decided either.

And these are the challenges (from

"The Creative Challenges
There are three creative challenges. You may create visual art, compose
music, or write programs. All entries must be original works created
July. You may use pre-existing materials, regardless of their origin,
provided that none of these materials were created or modified for this
competition. Your score will be based upon the number of votes received
your work and the computer used to produce it. For more details on
please see the scoring page.

The Endurance
The Endurance is created for people who love to use their legacy
for just about everything. Your score will be calculated based upon how
often you use your legacy computers gand the type of computers you
used. For
more details on scoring, please see the scoring page.

Online Challenge
These days, a computer is pretty useless unless you can use it online.
objective is to get your vintage computer online and to use as many
protocols as possible. Your score will be based upon the protocols used
during July, and the type of computer used with them. For more details
the protocols and scoring, please see the scoring page."

Hey, anybody planning to accept the Creative Challenge? I reckon it
motivate folks to do some NOS 1.x-to-2.x programming and twiddling
GPS Map to add funky new functions? Or any automotive hacks, maybe?
Hey, how
about MIDI-karaoke? ;=] )... Would be really cool and give the whole
thing a
publicity wide and far outside this little ol' fading mailing list. ;=}

And another hey: The Online Challenge would be a great way to get the
connection how-tos at the Wiki up to scratch, some are pretty short or
very precise and newbie-safe. ;=] Really a great project for Newton
-- get their MP 1x0's connected to whatever they encounter at home, in
office, at their friends, in public and write nicely reproduceable
step-by-step descriptions to post at the Wiki. THAT would be really
impressive -- win the challenge and make all of Newtonia the winner!



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