Re: [NTLK] AA Battery Tray Issues

From: Dan (
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 16:46:33 PDT

> When I place the AA battery tray (with charged batteries) in my Newton MP 2100, it VERY briefly looks as if it will boot up, and then it dies. What gives? I've tried this with two different sets of newly-charged AA batteries.
> Also, does my AA battery tray need to have some kind of metal contacts on its underside, as the rechargeable pack has?

That is odd. Did you try pressing the reset button? I would test all
the AA's, perhaps you have a bad one in the bunch (or more than one).
As for the contacts, no you don't need them. They are only for
rechargeable packs to tell the Newt that it is a rechargeable pack and
to read the battery temp.

I would also try pressing the reset button to see if that helps.


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