Re: [NTLK] Connection Problems

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 17:17:37 PDT

> I have a Lucent Turbo Bronze wifi card and have tried
> to connect through my airport extreme and also tried
> a computer to computer connection on both my iMac G5
> and my Powerbook. I've used both OS X 10.3 and 10.4
> and OS 9, all to no avail. I've had several people try
> to "talk" me through the setup and even that failed.
> Is it the Bronze card that is the problem?

I think it depends on the router you want the card to
talk to. I have a couple of Turbo Bronze cards, and I've
never been able to make them talk to my DrayTek Vigor
router. It didn't matter whether I tried the card in
a Newton (which works perfectly well with a Lucent Silver)
or in a notebook running Windows 98 (which also works
with the Lucent Silver).
People have reported success with NetGear routers I think.
And many have reported problems with Lucent Bronze cards
and Airport Extreme stations. What is certain is that you need
to turn of WEP since the Bronze Turbo card does not support

If, by the way, someone is aware of a place where a firmware
update for this card can be downloaded, I'd be thankful for
a hint. I'm not sure, though, if this card can be updated at

Just in case you haven't seen it yet, the following page
(under construction) might be of a little help:


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