[NTLK] Programming: creating a new NTK in NewtonScript

From: Paul Guyot (pguyot_at_kallisys.net)
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 03:45:08 PST

Hi all,

We need a replacement for Newton Toolkit (NTK).

We are currently getting all the pieces of the puzzle done.
-> the DCL can generate packages.
-> NEWT/0 by Makoto Nukui can execute and compile NewtonScript code.

I've been working on Objective-C/Cocoa bindings for NEWT/0 called
protoOBJC and I will be soon able to have a Cocoa delegate written in
NewtonScript (i.e. a complete application written in NewtonScript
with a Cocoa interface designed with Interface Builder).

Consequently, I think a great project for both novice and
experimented programmers would be to write a NTK replacement,
designing the interface with Interface Builder and writing the code
in NewtonScript.

Coders do not need any experience in NewtonScript as the language is
easy to learn, and most of the complexities of NewtonScript on the
Newton (like storage) are not required here. All one needs to know is
the syntax of NewtonScript. Cocoa knowledge is not required either,
but one will have to browse Cocoa documentation on Apple's website.

Although I am busy with other projects, I would gladly provide advice
for the project direction and enhance NEWT/0 with Makoto, the DCL and
protoOBJC to follow the requirements of the project.

Such a project could be open source or closed source as the various
pieces are released in very liberal licenses. The program probably
could even run on Unix with GNUStep.

Anyone interested?


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