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From: Richard Kilpatrick (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 01:29:02 PST

On 17 Mar 2005, at 08:32, Raj Patel wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> How do you find your ux50 ?
> I've read varying reports on it in terms of battery life, docking
> cradle etc. But I'd be interested in a Newties experience with the
> device.

I'll jump in here too - I find the UX50 excellent. Battery life is poor
when using the WiFi functions, as it would be with a Newton. Bluetooth
is very good, the machine has a huge amount of memory (though it is
divided, so some is unused for many people), the video and MP3 player
functions are neat, if you upgrade the browser to Netfront 3.1 it's
very versatile (tricky unsupported upgrade, but the Clie is EOL now

The wired synchronising is a pain; if you don't have WiFi or Bluetooth,
you're going to go mad with the little fiddle connector on the USB
port. The cradle is just for charging it - I bought a leather case
(unbranded thing) for my UX 50 and joy, it had a charging cradle in it
and a USB socket so the Clie will charge from any USB port (such as
Belkin's car adaptor for the Palm/Clie which has a USB socket and a
synch cable which is useless for the Clie). Had the cradle been a
proper cradle it would be a very different matter.

The extended battery is evil to find and expensive, sadly. Scalpers are
asking >$180 for a $119 item (it's only 60 pounds from the Hong Kong
Sony Style online shop but they won't ship here). Shame as it would
make quite a difference to WiFi functionality.

Quite a lot of good software; PhonTuner, hBlogger 2.0 are two of the
main things I like.

Connection to Mac is via the Palm Desktop - the trick is to get the
latest version, for which you need a serial number from a modern palm,
which is a case for Googling. You can enhance this buy buying the
Missing Sync, but it still doesn't cure the movie conversion - getting
movies onto the Clie is a PITA if you don't have a PC (I keep an
episode of MST3K on there on a 256Mb card - watchable video is 85Mb for
a movie, if you want to impress people double that).

Can take up to 4Gb storage - if you fancy spending as much as buying
the 4Gb HD based Zaurus on a memory stick.

And the pocket size... Heaven! I carried mine everywhere.

It's got a camera, but it's essentially crap. Didn't stop me using it
all the time in Canada though.


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