Re: [NTLK] Future Apple PDA/ideal Newton

From: Raj Patel (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 00:32:51 PST

Hi Mark,

How do you find your ux50 ?

I've read varying reports on it in terms of battery life, docking
cradle etc. But I'd be interested in a Newties experience with the

One thing I've also noticed is that while the Palm has many more
applications the quality of the apps and the nature of the developer
community seems to be of a higher quality on the Newt. Whats your
feeling ?

My m515 is great and I use it everyday - I love the easy Hotsync and
apps like Plucker/Sunrise but its just not as much 'fun' as the Newt
which I only powerup once in awhile.


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