[NTLK] Bling on powerup?

From: Jeff Mitchell (skeezix_at_skeleton.org)
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 04:46:49 PST

        (Hopefully not a dupe, as I posted lat night and didn't see it
come through..)

        I'm reviving an old MP130 (MP120 + NOS update if memory serves); I
sold my MP2100 long ago (*Cry*), but thought I'd dust off this guy and see
how well she still runs (while debating picking up a 2100 again :)

        After inserting fresh batteries, the unit makes a nice bling noise
but no display comes up; I'm guessing its just letting me know its alive,
but that somethign else is wrong.. like perhaps the backup battery (in the
battery tray under a clip) is dead and so it refuses to awaken? Or is this
some other issue? (I'd think it'd come up without the backup battery..)


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