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From: Clayton Mitchell (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 09:41:15 PST

Okay I have been kicking this around for some time and think that=20
convergence is the way to go, but not the convergence of todays PDAs.

Apple almost has a perfect set top box (Mac mini) it is missing some=20
key features like DVR, and good digital audio out. What it does not=20
have is a remote. This is where the new pda/handheld should come in. =20=

I like the newton size it could be a little smaller but not much. it=20
should have Bluetooth, wifi, usb, the new PCMCIA slot and/or memory=20
card slot, microphone, a hard drive and maybe IR (for controlling other=20=

home electronics). The screen will serve as the interface for the=20
remote to control the mini, not just a VLC connection but a scaled=20
interface that will preform specific tasks i.e. launch itunes, play DVD=20=

(and control player while playing) check email etc. Of course it will=20=

also sync your data with the mini or any other mac you have (like a=20
virtual desktop).

But if you take it away from the mini it will also be a complete stand=20=

alone PDA. I am not sure about the phone, I think it is a good idea=20
but I hate phones. If it were to have one it should be able to be used=20=

as a regular phone (held to head) or preferably use a bluetooth=20
earpiece with it so you do not become an amputee (one armed person). =20=

This would solve the problem of not being able to take notes and use=20
the phone at the same time. it does not need to have a keypad because=20=

the screen will act as the interface, the same as the remote.

it could be used as an iPod, video player, phone, PDA, universal remote

just my 2=A2

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