Re: [NTLK] reading Newton memory cards on a computer

From: Matthew Hudson (
Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 - 17:46:19 PST

Confirmed. Using Linux kernel 2.4.28 I was able to dd the contents of
a 4MB flash card. Although the endian-ness of the Newton is different
from the PC I'm using (as in 'Sum Square' is stored on the card as
'u.S. .m.q.S.a.u.e.r.' (Unicode)). Anyone know anything about how the
filing system works? I might be able to hack together something that
can parse the file (or a card using raw read from MTD service).


> > Doesn't dd assume you can read a file ?
> > Which means the file system on the card needs to be mounted and that
> > won't happen.
> No that's wrong. DD can do a byte for byte copy of a card.
> Try typing "man dd" in the terminal.
> >
> > The way I understand it is the card is formatted with a file system
> > that you can't mount to do anything with in a laptop, etc.
> >
> > You'd need a way to read the raw device if you can even access it
> >
> Yes, DD will work.
> Marty

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