Re: [NTLK] Email software

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 16:02:44 PST

> May someone suggest which free of charge e-mails could work with Newton.
> John
> PS. I would be happy if someone could update the e-mail programs, so we
> could use them with any e-mail provider we need. We cannot leave the
> existing software without update. If not updated lack of software will
> cause Newton's death (not the hardware).

Well if you are willing to pay you can get such a account (any regular
account on a ISP has POP or IMAP mail available). Most "free" email
accounts have limits on what programs can access and download. Usually
only their own software is allowed (goggle is currently the only
exception to this, but they require secure connection which our Newts
can't currently do).

The problem with updating the software is that most of it the source
code is no longer available. And without that it is almost impossible
to update. Simplemail/MailV is the only exception to this and it is
being currently devolved by its creator not to mention it is also FREE.
  You really can't go wrong with those two programs. Granted you can't
use a free account with them but it is still quite possible. Yes you
will have to spend a few bucks, but if you have a "regular" ISP you
should already have such a account. The exception to this rule of
course is with some of the big providers (AOL for example) they use
custom software to connect and without this you can't use the service.

Another option of course is to use the Newted Community
( It is extreamly reasonable and I am sure
your Newt will always be able to connect to it (as it is a community FOR
Newton users after all). I really don't think you can go wrong there,
and it does not have the pitfalls that most of the free email services have.


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