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From: Grietje Keller (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 07:12:54 PST

On 3/21/05 9:19 AM, "Johannes Wolf" <> wrote:

> Be warned,

Yes, I'm warned...I feel I'm living dangerously. So interesting: I can get
an adventurous, because I have an eMate with the wrong adapter;-)

> (and I really hope it is not too late already)

It is still working, already for years, but maybe I have 'unseen' damage,
but I cannot see that.

> As you already said - your old rechargeables are not charging properly and
> that might be the very reason that you have not fried yet your Emate!

So, this problem has to be solved then quickly, because I will try to put
in new batteries tomorrow, I think I will use his Newton adapter then for
the moment.

> You can do a simple check with the old rechargeables: get BattTrax on your
> machine and check the current during charging.
> To get an idea what your adaptyer is REALLY providing, use the battery
> display from AVIs BD or get NewtTest and select Battery:
> there you will see all the voltages and the charging current.

Well I cann't get anything on my machine at the moment because it cann't
communicate with my eMac in osx.

I'm working on 3 problems at the same time now:
1. I cannot connect my eMac to my eMate since I switched from iMac (os9) to
a new eMac (osx)
2. I have bad batteries, tomorrow I will tackle that with a friend
3. I don't have the original Newton Power Adapter.
> If the label on your adaptor states 7.5V and 1.33A this is one thing.
> What it really provides is a different story.
> So it would be really wise to check that first!

But if I did put in new batteries, then I'm afraid to use my old adapter
In your other email, you wrote:

"Using a power supply with less than 7V is save but of course less efficient
for charging the batteries."

So, as I understand I have two options now: buy a 'real' Newton adapter
(19$) or a 7V adapter(?$)
> Cheers
> Johannes


Grietje Keller
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>> Hallo,
>> I got my eMate about 4 years ago with a non-original adaptor, 7,5
>> V; 1,33 A.
>> The batteries never worked good, so I've always used my eMate
>> together with
>> the adapter. I often get messages like, that the eMate isn't
>> charging good,
>> because there is too much power. And almost everytime I turn my eMate on,
>> after some hours turned of, he restarts totally because the
>> batteries had no
>> power at all and I have to tap those x's with the stylus.

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