Re: [NTLK] A return after a long pause

From: Allan Ngaparu (
Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 15:44:59 PST

Welcome back Michael,

Thanks to following one of your of Newton sites I found one that has a lot
of Newton software I haven't seen before. I havent actually tried out yet
but it appears interesting. One program allows you to sketch in Simple Mail
and lets you have your sketches displayed on a PC. Maybe I am the only one
that didn't know you could do this, anyway I thought I would let you know.
The link is

Allan Ngaparu

PS I cant read the Chinese or Japanese script but you can still click on the
links and find your way around

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> Hi, all,
> I have returned to the Newton after many years away. Moved to a Palm,
> loved that it fit in my pocket, nobody teased me about using it...
> Ended up not liking that Palm, even though the foldable keyboard was
> neat and synchronization was awesome. Graffiti and that small screen
> weren't doing it for me, and I slowed down my use... (usual story for a
> returning Newton user, I suppose, so I'll stop now).
> I should point out that the reason I am back on the Newton is the Wired
> article from a few months back. It got me reading up on what was around
> these days (dude! the Einstein project! wow!), which is when I found
> out about nSync. This utility is the real reason I am back on board.
> Thank you, to all who have been involved in its creation!
> Anyway, I've been reading the mailing list for a while, online. It's
> pretty slick, but I haven't been able to post. So here I am. I bought a
> backup 2000, bought 2 eMates (one for my daughter who is starting to
> type... but I get the one with the implant, not her!), and that's that.
> Just wanted to make a quick announcement...
> If you go to
> <>
> then you can find a few books that I made a while back. I haven't even
> checked them to see how they are formatted, but I used to prefer plain
> text books made with "Paperback" so that's most likely what they are.
> Download them and enjoy. The stuff by Sokal is probably pretty
> esoteric, but it's hysterical if you know what it's about.
> Finally, a question: I really like the idea of using TapBar. I saw
> Eckart Koeppen's minibar, which adds some really great buttons to
> TapBar, while also getting rid of the button bar. Is there a way to get
> those buttons while KEEPING the button bar? I'm not a programmer, so I
> haven't the faintest idea where to start. Just curious, basically.
> Anyway, it's nice to see the old community changed so much (so many
> gone, so many new), but it's great to see the activity still going on.
> Michael Wittmann in Bangor, Maine, USA.
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