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Date: Tue Mar 29 2005 - 06:39:23 PST

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>paul oberman wrote:
>Where is Einstein going?
>Well, from the website, the three goals are:
>1. Write a Newton emulator and understand all the hardware bindings of the
>operating system
>2. Port this emulator on a POSIX compatible kernel for PDAs, preferably with a
>compatible processor
>3. Extend the NewtonOS system to take advantage of POSIX kernel features
>As far as 1, it's getting there, probably the most important hardware bindings
>yet to come are serial ports and the RTC. Flash memory is working great
>though, as is keyboard and the digitizer (touch screen emulation).

RTC (Real Time Clock) is working fine. What isn't is the alarm. It's
just because I'm too lazy to have bothered implementing it.

Currently, I have a PocketPC (an iPaq 3670) sent by Ferdi since
Saturday. I bought PocketMac to install the Bootloader and when I
boot it, it asks me if I want to install Linux or boot the OS in the
Flash (currently Windows).

I'm trying to find a CF or PCMCIA adapter here to be able to install
Linux or NetBSD and install Einstein emulator on it (at least 12 MB,
so on the contrary to what I thought first, such an adapter is
required). I tried four different shops in Paris today, one was
definitely closed, one had a dual PCMCIA adapter for 260 euros (at
this price, I prefer to get a brand new Zaurus) and two didn't have
anything. I'll look further tomorrow.

Once I'll have the adapter, I'll work on a version of the emulator
that avoids emulating the instructions (since the 3670 has a
StrongARM 1100).

Considering 3, the interface will probably be the one developed as
NativeCalls for NEWT/0 project. I'm happy with the API, so far.


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