Re: [NTLK] Using AAA batteries in a MP2100

From: Adriano (
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 12:19:09 PST

Il giorno 29/mar/05, alle 11:40, Johannes Wolf ha scritto:

The AAAs will for sure NOT burn your Newt, as long as you use a proper
adaptor during charging and the batteries are healthy.

But I have my doubts that your cheat with the resistor soldered
directly to
the logic board is a good solution since the Newt expects
1) to read a temperature depenent value here and
2) this shall be related to the battery temperature

In case the batteries tend to get hot, the Newt will stop charging.
This feature will not work with your cheat.
Also you will face problems when inserting an original rechargeable
because then you will have the resistor and the thermistor in the
pack switched in parallel. Or if you decide once to use normal AA cells
your battery tray and plug in the ac adaptor...

If you want to do it properly I recommend you to refer to the various
sources for battery tray modification.

First really thanks for all the help to everyone who put his time on
responding to this thread.
I realize now the why of the existance of a 10KOhm thermistor (or
similar) in the Newton battery, so i will put one in my battery tray.

Talking about the battery usage, recently i found on eBay a source for
10.000MAh batteries.
Although these are NiCD and the time to recharge could be very long, i
am a bit tempted on buying 4 of them.

I love to keep things alive and functional for a large amount of time
in my MP2100,
so i always use 2800MAh lithium batteries for a heavy usage of the
(PointPro + MadMax + VGA external displaying + a everyday desktop
but i do not love the weight of the pda when using lithiuhm AAs cause
the MessagePad weight is not equal on both sides.
Instead using n.4 AAA batteries i found the MessagPad weight is a bit
more equal on the bottom as on the opposite.

Thanks again.



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