[NTLK] Newton Comm advice (update)

From: JP (spacebar0_at_fastmail.fm)
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 20:50:55 PST


Actually, both the Wallstreet and the 1400c are IrDa. I have had them
'connected' (first when WS was os 9.1 and the 1400 9.0 -- was trying to
send files too large to be stuffed to floppy...should have mailed them
to myself (BTW, this was Jobs/Apple's solution when they first went fo
floppyless machines) and gone to local library, opened and burned to CD,
but that's H20 over bridge.) Established connection. Had access to
'shared folder'. Must have done something wrong. 1400c was counting
hundreds of files, when there couldn't have been even 100. Declared
experiment a failure after about 1 hr.(zero files transferred.) Have had
them connected again...this time the Wallstreet wanted the 1400c as
server. I wanted reverse (shared file on Wallsteet to copy to 1400c)
Don't know why this happened. I'm off my game abit.=20=20

So, am I correct in assuming the mp 2100 comes IrDa out-of-the-box
connection capable?

Have downloaded Jerome's "Newtoy" as you suggest. If this works, then
this will be one happy user. Eagerly awaiting delivery.
(Will have to cogitae further on other connection options.) Any last
minute words one way or the other -->> WiFi vs. Ethernet card?
(Trying hard to avoid the serial option...stubborn; but it may have it's

The Wallstreet is partitioned w/OS 9.2.2 as the 'Classic' environment.
The 1400c is at it's limit (according to what I've seen) at OS 9.1.=20
Jerome's info indicates 9.2.2 is required. So it seems the Wallstreet
will be selected to deal packages (and 'serve' soup?) ;)
It would be satisfying to have 3 portable units, each designed and
equipped with similar comm capabilities, manufactured by the same
company approximately contemporary, be able to actually accomplish what
they were designed to do.

"Laissez Les Bontemps Roulez!".=20=20
Merci Jerome Vernet!

Usually we would say you need the serial setup to get the drivers=20
 loaded for any other setup (ie ethernet or WIFI).
 However, since you have the OS9 running, IR using PB1400,=A0=A0perhaps you=
 can try using the new software based on Thomas Templeton's work?
 Try Jerome's new toy here:
 Or you can use also DIL Tester from Thomas Tempelmann:
 Lets see if you can get packages loading this way first, and then worry=20
 about specifics...

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